Gus Gear provides safety and enhances quality of life for those with medical challenges, enabling them to live their lives to the fullest.

Custom Covers for Central Lines, Ostomy Pouches, Feeding Tubes, & More!

Our medical device covers make security practical, simple and fashionable.

Central Line Wraps
Prevents line breaks. Locks down the central line and keeps it safe and secure.
Ostomy Pouch Covers
Makes the ostomy pouch virtually invisible. More sanitary and custom-sized to fit every pouch!

Line Covers
Great for all kinds of lines and keeps them from getting tangled and crimped.

G-Tube Wraps
Front flap provides both security and easy accessibility. Ideal for physical activity.

Pump Bag Covers
Keep your formula cool even in the hottest weather! Houses full pump bag and ice pack.

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5 Things Every Special Needs Parent Should Know

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