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As soon as I realized its profound impact on our quality of life as a family, I knew that other families would be able to benefit.

Gus Gear’s mission to improve quality of life for those facing medical challenges began in 2008 in response to the ongoing medical journey of my son, Gus. He faces a myriad of medical challenges, including autism and dysmotility that has led to intestinal failure. I was overwhelmed by the serious repercussions of his illness and longed to live a more “normal” life. I needed simple, practical remedies to cover and secure a variety of lines, tubes and bags to allow him to live a safer, fuller and more active life. Frustrated by the lack of solutions that met my needs, I created a line of products to solve the challenges we faced daily.

The biggest obstacle I encountered was protecting and securing his central line. I created the central line wrap to keep his line locked down and safe, not only from accidental pulls, but also from his fingers. The wrap covers and secures the line, eliminating the trauma from line pulls. This wrap has allowed Gus to be as active as he can without undue fear of damaging his line. It allows him to focus on being a kid and allows me to have one less worry about his well-being. As soon as I realized its profound impact on our quality of life as a family, I knew that other families would be able to benefit and find the same peace of mind.

Gus Gear’s product line includes central line wraps, ostomy pouch covers, line covers and covers for other items like Farrell bags and urine bags. Everything Gus Gear makes has been used by us daily at one time or another. In this way, I have been able to personally critique and improve each product to make it not only attractive, but functional. By using Gus Gear’s products, my hope is that others can break free from the limitations imposed by their diagnosis and live their lives to the fullest.

About Sarah Palya

Sarah PalyaSarah Palya is the founder and CEO of Gus Gear LLC, a Pittsburgh, PA-based medical textile company that makes securement devices and covers for medical implements like central lines, ostomy pouches and feeding tubes. Sarah is focused on patient safety and quality of life for those with medical challenges by allowing patients to their lives to the fullest. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, Sarah is passionate about educating consumers, their parents and medical professionals about improving safety and quality of life for patients.


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