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Gus Gear’s mission to improve the safety and quality of life for those facing medical challenges goes beyond the production of our Central Line Vest, Ostomy Pouch Cover, G-Tube Wrap, Line Cover, and other accessories. We seek partnerships, not transactions, with customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders alike by providing resources and blog posts that can improve the patient and their family’s outcomes and quality of life.

Get to Know Our Team: Abby Palya

February 16, 2024
Welcome back to our “Get to Know Our Team” series! This week, we have a very special team member to highlight — our founder’s daughter, Abby Palya who is a Client Success Specialist at Gus Gear. Q&A With Abby Palya Q: Where do you call home?  A: Butler, PA Q: What’s your professional background?  A:...

“Rays of Hope:” Erin & Everly, Part 2

February 5, 2024
First, if you haven’t read part 1 of our exclusive interview series, “Rays of Hope,” check it out now! In part 2, we continue the conversation with Erin Peterson about her daughter Everly’s diagnosis with the rare Megacystis Microcolon Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome (MMIHS). Our director of national clinical growth, Amy Braglia-Tarpey, asks Erin about life...

The Importance of Health Literacy for Kids With Medical Complexities

February 5, 2024
Medical misunderstandings can lead to a variety of short and long-term emotional and psychological responses, including anxiety and loss of trust (both in medical professionals and caregivers). For this reason, it’s crucial to empower kids with health literacy skills, especially kiddos with medical complexities! However, health literacy goes beyond understanding medical jargon. Depending on their...

How to Reduce the Risk of Medical Line Entanglement (MLE) For Both Kids and Adults

January 16, 2024
Managing medical lines is an essential yet intricate aspect of care for people at any age. The risk of medical line entanglement (MLE) can be a concern, but with the right strategies and tools, you can minimize this risk, ensuring a higher level of safety and comfort for patients.  Whether you are a caregiver or...

“Rays of Hope:” Erin & Everly, Part 1

December 21, 2023
Over the years, Erin Peterson and her daughter, Everly, better known as Evie, have become an integral part of our Gus Gear community. In part 1 of this exclusive interview series, “Rays of Hope,” Gus Gear’s Director of National Clinical Growth, Amy Braglia-Tarpey talks to Erin about Evie’s diagnosis with the rare Megacystis Microcolon Intestinal...

Gift Giving for Medically Complex Kids: Inclusive Toys and Toy Companies

December 12, 2023
The holiday season is a time of joy and laughter, especially for all the little kids awaiting their presents! For families with medically complex kids, finding toys that cater to their unique needs or make them feel seen can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are inclusive toy companies dedicated to providing engaging, safe, and developmentally...
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