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Gus Gear’s mission to improve the safety and quality of life for those facing medical challenges goes beyond the production of our Central Line Vest, Ostomy Pouch Cover, G-Tube Wrap, Line Cover, and other accessories. We seek partnerships, not transactions, with customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders alike by providing resources and blog posts that can improve the patient and their family’s outcomes and quality of life.

How To Secure Insurance Coverage for a Safety Bed

Original article written by Abram’s Nation on Oct. 14, 2020 One of the important questions we hear is how to obtain insurance coverage for a safety bed. The Safety Sleeper has been covered in many states through Medicaid, Medicaid HMOs, Medical Waiver and private insurance. Each state can be different, so it is important to know the insurance

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Medically complex child being comforted by their parent

Tips on Being an Advocate for Your Medically Complex Child

Advocating for a medically complex child means speaking up and communicating their needs—medical, educational, and emotional—to doctors, teachers, law makers, and even other family members. It is a full-time job in and of itself, and a very important one, as you well know. After all, you are your child’s spokesperson, first line of defense, and

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Gus Gear: A Long and Challenging Year in Review

Although 2020 lasted about as long as any other year (with the addition of an extra day in February), it felt much longer, like we’ve aged a decade together. The world has suffered, but we’ve also handled uncertainty beyond compare, and really learned to value the little things like togetherness and connection. Much as it

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The Shocking Truth about this Special Needs Mom

We don’t talk about it at our house – we consider it bad luck – but his last admission was 8 months ago and the one before that we almost made it to a year! But honestly, it never seems like enough. I always want more. I’m greedy like that.

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