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Gus Gear’s mission to improve the safety and quality of life for those facing medical challenges goes beyond the production of our Central Line Vest, Ostomy Pouch Cover, G-Tube Wrap, Line Cover, and other accessories. We seek partnerships, not transactions, with customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders alike by providing resources and blog posts that can improve the patient and their family’s outcomes and quality of life.

Keeping an Effective Medical Chart For Your Medically Complex Kid

March 29, 2022
While keeping a chart at home for your medically complex kid isn’t necessarily required, it is a powerful tool that makes it simple to spot trends or quantify issues. It allows you to be data driven, and speak a language your child’s medical team will find easy to understand. It prevents personal opinions and emotions...

February is Rare Disease Awareness Month!

February 23, 2022
Show your stripes for rare disease awareness! That’s right — this month is all about raising public, medical, and political awareness about rare diseases, the people they affect, the damage they cause on a large scale, and new treatments and research. Not only is it critical to let more people know about diagnostics and treatments...

How to Nurture Your Relationships as a Caregiver

February 9, 2022
As a caregiver, it can be difficult to maintain relationships outside of the person(s) you’re caring for. Even that relationship can become strained by the dynamics and expectations of “taking care.” The same is true of friendships, romantic relationships, and relationships with your family.  Caregiving changes your identity and leads to a fundamental shift in...

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Your Child’s Medical Supplies

January 12, 2022
If you’re raising a child with medical complexities, it can be overwhelming to realize or remember just how many medical supplies you need to have inside your home at all times. Not only that, you need to have backups, and backups for your backups, all ready to go at a moment’s notice. Whether or not...

Gift Giving for Medically Complex Kids: 4 Inclusive “Just like Me” Toy Companies

December 17, 2021
Historically, dolls haven’t been very diverse. This is true in regard to race and ethnicity as well as medical differences and conditions. When kids first start to play with dolls or stuffed animals, they often imagine those make-believe beings as extensions of themselves. As they get older, those toys become friends. Kids deserve to have...

3 Tips for a Holiday Season that Supports Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition

November 19, 2021
Having a family member who needs a feeding tube or parenteral nutrition makes you uniquely aware of the way the holidays seem to revolve around food. It can be a stressful and emotional time, especially if the family member is a child who you want to have fond memories of the season. Remember, you’re not...
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