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Gus Gear’s mission to improve the safety and quality of life for those facing medical challenges goes beyond the production of our Central Line Vest, Ostomy Pouch Cover, G-Tube Wrap, Line Cover, and other accessories. We seek partnerships, not transactions, with customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders alike by providing resources and blog posts that can improve the patient and their family’s outcomes and quality of life.

5 Ways to Deal With Ignorant or Insensitive Comments About Your Medically Complex Child

October 6, 2021
If you are the parent, caregiver, or family member of a medically complex child, you’ve likely dealt with ignorance and insensitivity, sometimes in spades. It’s an unfortunate reality — there will always be people who speak without forethought, understanding, or awareness of the damage they could cause. For some reason, they believe proximity gives them...

The New (and Improved) Central Line Vest: Q&A With Gus Gear Founder, Sarah Palya

July 23, 2021
Earlier this year, as part of an ongoing process of improvement, Gus Gear upgraded the design of its Central Line Vest. While feedback has been positive, founder and CEO Sarah Palya says that change is still hard. For longtime users, the new design may take some getting used to, but they can rest assured knowing...

Lessons from an Unintentional Entrepreneur

May 18, 2021
A decade ago, I was a mom with a very sick child. My son’s health challenges required a product that did not exist, so with the spark of an idea and a sewing machine, I set out to solve the problem. I never imagined that what I created to help my son would grow into...

9 of the Best Summer Camps and Programs for Medically Complex Kids

April 29, 2021
Kids with chronic illnesses, complex conditions, or disabilities have faced and will continue to face challenges, but what offers them a better chance to just be kids than summer camp? Summer and year-round programs designed specifically with complex medical conditions in mind do exist, and they offer a respite from doctors’ offices, hospitals, and the...

How Pets Can Reduce Stress for Medically Complex Children and Their Caregivers

April 5, 2021
Many of us have fond memories of growing up with a pet, and while valid reasons exist for not bringing home an animal for your medically complex child, for those who it’s possible, there are just as many wonderful reasons why you should. Animals have a therapeutic effect that comes from the mutual love and...

How To Secure Insurance Coverage for a Safety Bed

March 29, 2021
Original article written by Abram's Nation on Oct. 14, 2020 One of the important questions we hear is how to obtain insurance coverage for a safety bed. The Safety Sleeper has been covered in many states through Medicaid, Medicaid HMOs, Medical Waiver and private insurance. Each state can be different, so it is important to know the insurance...
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