Central Line Wraps

Keep Central Lines Safe and Secure

Protect your lifeline from accidental pulls and prevent line breaks! Our unique wrap locks down the line and keeps it safe and secure. Don’t limit your activity, protect your lifeline!

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Gus Gear Central Line Wraps

  • Dramatically lessens the risk of accidental pulling on the line
  • Greatly limits the possibility of line breakage
  • Can be used both while infusing and also when unhooked
  • Front flap provides security and easy accessibility
  • Made of a soft supplex fabric for comfort
  • 6 sizes to fit your needs
  • Each size allows for 2-3 inches of expansion for growth

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Gus Gear Central Line Wraps are Non-Invasive and Non-Adhesive

Measuring for the Central Line Wrap

Measure around the chest wherever the exit site is. This is where the wrap will be worn.

If the exit site is higher on the chest than the armpits, take your measurement directly under the arms.


If the exit site is at mid-chest height, take the measurement directly over the exit site.


If the exit site is lower on the chest, take the measurement directly over the exit site.


CLICK HERE to download this information as a one-sheet guide.

Our Customers Love Their Line Wraps!

My son has a very complex medical condition, requiring IV infusions almost 24 hours a day, through a central line catheter. Despite the seriousness of his medical condition, my son is also a very active child who enjoys jumping on the trampoline, roughhousing with his siblings and playing with classmates at recess. Prior to using the Gus Gear’s Central Line Wrap, my son had multiple line breaks and central line infections, including a serious septic episode. We began using the Central Line Wrap 8 years ago. In those last 8 years, my son has not had a single central line break or line infection. Gus Gear’s Central Line Wrap keeps my son’s central line cleaner as it’s covered and away from his g-tube and ostomy. My son’s central line is completely secure, using the Central Line Wrap, giving me peace of mind and allowing my son to enjoy life to the fullest. It had truly changed our lives



I wanted to, once again, thank you for these wonderful central line wraps. Our Evie is 9 months old and is on the move all the time. Before purchasing these wraps, we had to get her dressing changed every couple of days because it was pulling out. We have been alternating the three central line wraps we bought for over a week now and the line has stayed nice and snug under the dressing! Such a blessing! With how important it is to keep this site clean and intact, these wraps have definitely been the answer. Thanks again!

Erin and Everly

North Dakota

We  LOVE the central line wraps and use them daily for our 2-year-old daughter that is TPN dependent. We love them so much that we recently ordered several new ones in the next size up. Gus Gear central line wraps have helped keep our daughter’s broviac line in place and infection free since we started using them over a year and a half ago. These wraps are especially helpful when worrying about lines being pulled on by an active infant and toddler and/or keeping young children’s hands away from the dressing and site. This product is durable, comfortable, and has held up wonderfully through daily wear and tear and multiple washings. The unique design of this wrap allows for quick and easy access when we need to infuse TPN, IV medications, or complete weekly labs (especially convenient during inpatient hospital stays). Our home health nurses and nurses in the hospital constantly RAVE about how convenient and protective this wrap is for any patient with a central line. I would recommend this to anyone that has a child with a central line, especially a broviac.

Sarah and Ava


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