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FAQ for Website

The Central Line Vest and the LOCK 3000 will ship within 1-2 business days of purchase. For all other products, orders will ship within 2 weeks of purchase due to custom production.

All orders are shipped UPS ground. Transit time will depend on your location from our facility in Pittsburgh, PA. Normally, times will range from 1-4 days.

Tracking is available for all packages once they’ve shipped. You can view the status of your order and access your tracking information by logging into your account and clicking Order History. You will also receive an email with the tracking information when your package ships.

Yes, we ship to many countries internationally. During checkout, you’ll be able to choose your country from the pull-down menu. If you don’t see your country listed, please email us about adding it.

All of this information can be found by logging in and visiting your Profile.

You can find our complete return and exchange policy here.

If you have created an account, login and click "My Account" in the upper right corner. Select "Orders" from the list on the left and click on the order you want to check on. Orders will be listed as "Processing" once they are received then "Completed" after shipment. Under the heading "Order Updates" you will find the ship date and tracking information.

Central Line Vest

Our Central Line Vest is a fitted garment. This means that you must have an accurate chest measurement to order this device.  You can find our Measuring Guide and Size Chart here.

The Central Line Wrap has been discontinued and replaced with our new Central Line Vest. We will no longer be producing the old product. Check out our new Central Line Vest product page to learn more about the new and improved device.

Our product tutorials can be found here.

Yes! Safe Strips are available for purchase here, and fit all Central Line Vests and LOCK 3000.

Yes! Single strap Safe Strips are available for purchase in two packs and are a perfect solution for this situation. You can find them here.

Yes! Our laminated nylon supplex allows air to easily circulate through the layers.

Anyone with a central line can benefit from the security that our Central Line Vest offers - babies, children of all ages, young adults, developmentally impaired individuals, and active adults. The Central Line Vest secures the line against accidental pulls which can occur while infusing or unhooked. Common causes of of line trauma include tripping over tubing; catching tubing in wheelchairs, bike tires or doorknobs; or dropping your infusion pack. The Central Line Vest secures the catheter and protects it from the accidents that occur during daily life.

Regretably, we do not yet have a product for individuals with breast development. If you are larger than an A cup, our vest likely will not work for you. Please check back in the future as we add new products


Our ostomy covers are custom-made to fit your specific pouch. When ordering you will be asked the following information [use bullet]:

  • Brand
  • Product number of Pouch
  • Whether you use an ostomy belt
  • For Convatec pouches, whether you use a Lock-It Pocket

We only need the product number on your pouch, which gives us the information we need about the opening on the back.

At check out, specify your customization in the Order Notes box (for example: "Please make my pouch cover 8" long" or "Please add an extra 1" to the length of my pouch"

An ostomy belt is a thin elastic band that connects to either side of your pouch on the small plastic wings that some pouches have.

Our product tutorials can be found here.

Ostomy Pouch Covers are great for:

  • Giving you privacy and camouflaging your pouch
  • Reducing rustling and bowel sounds
  • An extra barrier for unexpected leaks
  • Accessorizing your outfit and instilling confidence
  • Keeping the pouch off your skin, preventing sweating and discomfort

We recommend an Ostomy Pouch Cover for any of these reasons.

Line Covers

We have standardized our Line Covers and are now offering them in the two most frequently ordered lengths, 40″ and 80.”

Our Line Covers can accommodate up to four lines, med ports, and curly tubing. They now come in a standard width to simplify your shopping experience.

Yes! The inside measurement of the Line cover will easily accommodate curly tubing plus a couple other lines if neccesary.

Line Covers are great for:

  • Keeping multiple lines from getting tangled
  • Deterring pets from playing with the tubing
  • Discouraging babies and young children from chewing on and playing with their tubing
  • An extra barrier to dirt, dust, and messy accidents
  • Accessorizing your outfits

We recommend a Line Cover for any of these reasons.

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