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May 2, 2017

"We Cannot Imagine Life without It!"

FrancescaFrancesca’s surgeon recommended Gus Gear’s central line wrap to her parents while she was in the hospital.  They contacted us right away and she has been using our central line wrap ever since. (You can see it in the picture if you look closely) Here are some thoughts from her parents:

“After having a line break in the hospital, we realized we needed better protection for our then six-month-old’s central line. The central line wrap protects her line from breaking and it also protects the Broviac dressing. We had been doing bi-weekly dressing changes because the dressing kept falling off, but since we started using the wrap, we are back to a weekly dressing change schedule.

Having used the wraps every single day for over five months, we have experienced firsthand how they keep our little one’s line safe. She explores, walks and climbs everywhere without fear of pulling or breaking her central line. 

I tell everyone and anyone I know about Gus Gear’s central line wrap - especially nurses and parents! They should all know about it! It's such a no-brainer and we cannot imagine life without it!”

We want to hear your stories!  Email us your Gus Gear story to [email protected] and you could be featured on our next Customer Spotlight.

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