G-Tube Wraps

Keep Your Tubing Secure

Keep the tubing from G, J or GJ tubes covered with our comfortable wrap. Easily access the tubing for medications and quickly tuck it away when not in use.

Gus Gear G-Tube Wraps

  • Great for keeping fingers off feeding tubes and buttons
  • Front flap provides both security and easy accessibility
  • Ideal for physical activity
  • Made of a supplex blend fabric for comfort
  • Each size allows for 2-3 inches of expansion for growth

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Our Customers Love Their G-Tube Wraps!

My daughter loves her G-tube wrap! She just recently had a peg j-tube placed and it is not very stable and she is stressed about it getting pulled. These wraps have been great at keeping the tube in place! Thank you!



Love being able to keep my daughter’s G-tube covered up and not have the line dangling, getting caught on everything. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that she doesn’t mind wearing it at all!



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