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December 12, 2023

Gift Giving for Medically Complex Kids: Inclusive Toys and Toy Companies

The holiday season is a time of joy and laughter, especially for all the little kids awaiting their presents! For families with medically complex kids, finding toys that cater to their unique needs or make them feel seen can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are inclusive toy companies dedicated to providing engaging, safe, and developmentally appropriate toys for children facing medical challenges. 

This holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, let's explore some of these incredible companies that offer toys designed for all abilities and make gift-giving a delightful experience for your very special kids. 

5 Inclusive Toy Ideas for the Holidays

Here are five inclusive toy ideas for the holidays: 

  1. Butterfly Pig: This visionary brand crafts specialized medical devices specifically designed for stuffed animals. By creating miniature versions of essential medical equipment, like G-tube buttons, IV poles, and PICC lines, Butterfly Pig encourages imaginative play that cultivates education and empathy.
  2. Fat Brain Toys: Known for their commitment to inclusivity, Fat Brain Toys offers a wide range of toys suitable for medically complex kids. From sensory toys to adaptive equipment, they prioritize fun and learning for all children.
  3. Jerry the Bear: Jerry the Bear isn’t just any cuddly companion; he’s a unique, interactive buddy designed to help kids understand and manage diabetes. Through Jerry, kids learn essential skills in a hands-on, playful way, immersing themselves in the routine of counting carbohydrates, monitoring blood sugar levels, and administering insulin.
  4. Enabling Devices: This online store specializes in adapting popular toys for switch access, making them accessible for children with limited mobility. Their catalog includes modified versions of beloved toys from major brands and a wide array of products that cater to a spectrum of abilities. 
  5. Special Needs Toys: As the name suggests, this company focuses on toys designed for children with special needs. They offer a diverse range of toys that promote sensory exploration, communication, and motor skills development.

Happy Holidays From Gus Gear

Remember, the best gift you can give this holiday season is empathy. When you shop with inclusive toy companies, you can truly brighten your child's holiday, bring immeasurable joy to their lives, and maybe even inspire a moment of empathy and understanding from others. If you’re still looking for presents to top off your list this holiday season, shop our colorful collection of medical devices, including the Central Line Vest and LOCK 3000.

For even more ideas, read, “Gift Giving for Medically Complex Kids: 4 Inclusive ‘Just Like Me’ Toy Companies.

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