Gus Gear Line Covers

Gus Gear Line Covers help you keep your PICC line, tunneled catheter, central lines, single, double, or triple lumen central lines, and more tangle-free! Line Covers are functional and fun, allowing you to show off your personality and give peace of mind by reducing the risk of strangulation at night.
Gus Gear’s Short Line Covers are 40” in length, making them great for all kinds of lines. Keep your lines protected and away from little fingers and pets.
Gus Gear’s Short Line Covers are 80” in length and are great for keeping lines from getting tangled and crimped, as well as lessening occlusion associated with bent lines.

Gus Gear Line Covers are made to bring you peace of mind and are designed to allow the wearer to be as active and independent as possible without undue fear of damaging their line.
While pets and siblings are a source of joy and comfort, the last thing you want is for your pet or little ones to mistakenly bite or get tangled in your child’s line.

Contains: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester

Care Instructions:

  • Close all velcro prior to washing!
  • Machine wash cold
  • Open and lay flat or hang to dry
  • DO NOT dry in a dryer!
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