Ostomy Pouch Covers

Discrete Yet Fashionable

Add some fun to your life with our ostomy pouch covers. As fun as they are practical, they can either camouflage your pouch or make it stand out by showing your personal style! Completely custom-sized to fit your pouch.

Gus Gear Ostomy Pouch Covers

  • Makes the ostomy pouch virtually invisible, reducing social stigma
  • Envelope-like overlap in the front allows access for emptying – there is no need to take the cover off to access the pouch!
  • Reduces “rustling” for maximum discretion
  • Adjustable elastic opening in back for security
  • More sanitary
  • Made of cotton, satin, flannel, or fleece in a wide variety of solid colors and prints
  • Custom-sized to fit every pouch!

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Our Customers Love Their Ostomy Pouch Covers!

Every now and again I come across something that I feel I must share with others. While there are lots of great products that I have mentioned over the years, my first pouch cover from Gus Gear is among my favorites. The craftsmanship that went into the pouch cover is amazing compared to others out there. Sarah at Gus Gear has thought of everything between the draw string to tighten the cover around my two-piece flange, the material on the back of the cover, the closure at the bottom, and the slots in the back of the cover for an ostomy belt to keep both the appliance and pouch cover close. It is, without a doubt, the most perfect pouch cover, one which gave me the courage to go to the pool with my son, with my shirt off almost eager to display my new accessory. I got so excited I’ve ordered some fabric online and am working with Sarah on several custom pouch covers. If you are looking for a pouch cover, you owe it to yourself to check out (Gus Gear).


North Carolina

Received the covers today, and they are perfect!! The skeletons and snowmen are really cute! (and the nude ones are really practical.) And the covers you made me for my smaller swimming bags worked great when we were on vacation! They look fabulous with my swimsuits!!



Your pouch covers are the best. I just had my permanent ileostomy and I ordered pouch covers from several different sites. Yours, by far, are the best. I love the designs, too. Your covers are AWESOME!!!!!! Having a cover that fits my bag like a glove is such a Blessing! I truly believe you are doing God’s work by helping people with ileostomies. XXXOOO



Thank you so much! I don’t think I’ve worked with a company that has been so helpful before. We are in love with the pouch covers. I can’t believe all the details that you put into them. I think this is the first product we’ve ordered that I haven’t found something that could be improved on. You’ve made this just a little bit easier for us and I can’t tell you enough how much you’ve helped my son. I am being very honest when I say your covers made something devastating to Grant somehow OK. People truly don’t notice his pouch at all, and if they do, they think it’s a shirt or fanny pack. Nobody has ever guessed what it actually is. He normally keeps his pouch hidden, but he proudly wanted me to take a picture when we got the covers.

Shawa and Grant


I have ordered several pouch covers from you and I just love them! Thank you for putting out such a great product.



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