Gus Gear G-tube Wrap


G-tube Wraps provide comfortable coverage, care, and camouflaging for your G-Tube button while allowing convenient access. G-tube Wraps provide coverage to multiple types of feeding tubes such as G-tube, J-tube, PEG tubes, GJ tubes, and Cecostomy tubes.

G-tube covers/wraps conceal the G-tube and protect it and other types of feeding tubes from being disturbed, giving the patient peace of mind from fears of accidental removal and dislodgement.

  • Secures and stabilizes multiple types of feeding tubes to prevent trauma
  • Front flap provides both security and easy accessibility
  • Reduces accidental removal and dislodgement
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for physical activity
  • Eliminates the need for extra adhesives
  • Each size expands for growth
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Measuring for the Central Line Wrap

Measure around the chest wherever the exit site is. This is where the wrap will be worn.

If the exit site is higher on the chest than the armpits, take your measurement directly under the arms.

If the exit site is at mid-chest height, take the measurement directly over the exit site.

If the exit site is lower on the chest, take the measurement directly over the exit site.


Keep multiple types of feeding tubes, such as G-tube, J-tube, PEG tubes, or GJ tubes, covered with our comfortable G-tube Wraps. G-tube covers/wraps are soft and breathable, providing easy-to-use protection against curious fingers and accidental pulls.

Gus Gear’s G-tube Wraps are designed to provide easy access to the tubing for medications while allowing for you to quickly tuck it away when not in use.

After removing locking clips and snap tabs, the Wrap contains no latex or metal and can be worn through x-rays and other radiological procedures.

Contains: Nylon, Spandex, Cotton, Polyethylene

Care Instructions:

  •     Close all velcro prior to washing!
  •     Machine wash gentle or hand wash
  •     Hang dry only
  •     DO NOT dry in a dryer!


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