Single Safe Strip (2-Pack)


Whether at home or the hospital, our Safe Strips help you care for your central lines and other medical tubing lines so you can live your life without the worry of hanging lines and tubing. With Safe Strips, you can keep tubing out of your child’s hands and prevent accidental (and intentional) pulls!

Single Safe Strips can be added to your Central Line Vest to secure the infusion tubing around the side or back, keeping it out of the way. Gus Gear Safe Strips can be used for all types of central lines, whether a Broviac, Groshong, Mediport, or Hickman line, as well as G-tubes, PEG tubes, J-tubes, or GJ tubes.


Be proactive in the care of central lines with our Single Safe Strip — designed for most types of central lines such as Broviac, Groshong, Mediports, and Hickman central lines, along with G-tubes, PEG tubes, J-tubes, and GJ-tubes.

Single Safe Strips are essential for the Central Line Vest to keep your child’s line safe, being used to secure tubing and keep it away from curious fingers. The strip can adhere onto your Central Line Vest anywhere on the body of the Vest—even on the back! Simply place the tubing in the strap to secure.


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