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Nothing tells the Gus Gear story better than the words of our satisfied customers. We're thrilled that parents and users have chosen to go on record on our behalf. If you'd like to share your story, please contact us.

We LOVE the central line wraps and use them daily for our 2-year-old daughter that is TPN dependent.  We love them so much that we recently ordered several new ones in the next size up.  Gus Gear central line wraps have helped keep our daughter’s Broviac line in place and infection free since we started using them over a year and a half ago.  These wraps are especially helpful when worrying about lines being pulled on by an active infant and toddler and/or keeping young children’s hands away from the dressing and site. This product is durable, comfortable, and has held up wonderfully through daily wear and tear and multiple washings.  The unique design of this wrap allows for quick and easy access when we need to infuse TPN, IV medications, or complete weekly labs (especially convenient during inpatient hospital stays).

Our home health nurses and nurses in the hospital constantly RAVE about how convenient and protective this wrap is for any patient with a central line.  I would recommend this to anyone that has a child with a central line, especially a Broviac.
color product image
Sarah & Ava
I have ordered several pouch covers from you and I just love them!  Thank you for putting out such a great product.
Absolutely love the central line wraps. My son is 5 and has worn one 24/7 since he was 3 months old. He has had 2 lines his entire life and 0 line infections and I think a huge part of that is due to these wraps! Sarah is so helpful, accommodating with any special requests I’ve had!
Sara and Colton
After having a line break in the hospital, we realized we needed better protection for our six month old’s central line. The Gus Gear central line wrap does the trick; it keeps our little one’s line safe so she can explore, crawl and cruise around without fear of pulling or breaking her line. The Gus Gear central line wrap not only protects the line from breaking but also it protects the broviac dressing. We had been doing bi-weekly dressing changes because it kept falling off, but since we started using the wrap, we are back to a weekly dressing change schedule. Thank you, Sarah!
Francesca, Amy, & Manuel
Your pouch covers are the best. I just had my permanent ileostomy and I ordered pouch covers from several different sites. Yours, by far, are the best. I love the designs too. Your covers are AWESOME!!!!!! Having a cover that fits my bag like a glove is such a Blessing! I truly believe you are doing God’s work by helping people with ileostomies. Xxxooo
Received the covers today, and they are perfect!! The skeletons and snowmen are really cute! (and the nude ones are really practical.) And the covers you made me for my smaller swimming bags worked great when we were on vacation! They look fabulous with my swimsuits!!
wearing gus gear
wearing gus gear
wearing gus gear
Love being able to keep my daughter’s G-tube covered up and not have the line dangling, getting caught on everything. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that she doesn’t mind wearing it at all!
New York
My daughter loves her G-tube wrap! She just recently had a peg j-tube placed and it is not very stable and she is stressed about it getting pulled. These wraps have been great at keeping the tube in place! Thank you!
My son has a very complex medical condition, requiring IV infusions almost 24 hrs a day, through a central line catheter. Despite the seriousness of his medical condition, my son is also a very active child who enjoys jumping on the trampoline, roughhousing with his siblings and playing with classmates at recess. Prior to using the Gus Gear’s Central Line Wrap, my son had multiple line breaks and central line infections, including a serious septic episode. We began using the Central Line Wrap 8 years ago. In those last 8 years, my son has not had a single central line break or line infection. Gus Gear’s Central Line Wrap keeps my son’s central line cleaner as it’s covered and away from his g-tube and ostomy. My son’s central line is completely secure, using the Central Line Wrap, giving me peace of mind and allowing my son to enjoy life to the fullest. It has truly changed our lives!
Every now and again I come across something that I feel I must share with others. While there are lots of great products that I have mentioned over the years, my first pouch cover from Gus Gear is among my favorites. The craftsmanship that went into the pouch cover is amazing compared to others out there. Sarah at Gus Gear has thought of everything between the draw string to tighten the cover around my 2 piece flange, the material on the back of the cover, the closure at the bottom, and the slots in the back of the cover for an ostomy belt to keep both the appliance and pouch cover close. It is without a doubt the most perfect pouch cover, one in which gave me the courage to go to the pool with my sun, with my shirt off almost eager to display my new accessory. I got so excited I’ve ordered some fabric online and am working with Sarah on several custom pouch covers. If you are looking for a pouch cover you owe it to yourself to check out.
North Carolina
Received the covers today, and they are perfect!! The skeletons and snowmen are really cute! (and the nude ones are really practical.) And the covers you made me for my smaller swimming bags worked great when we were on vacation! They look fabulous with my swimsuits!!
Shawna and Grant
You have been fantastic to work with, thanks for being so customer friendly! So many companies are frustrating to work with and it’s refreshing to deal with someone who cares about what the end consumer thinks.
Thanks Gus Gear! Mikenzee’s line covers and Joey bag cover (which I’m using to cover her bile bag) arrived today. She is looking less medical already. And we are looking forward to a tangle free night! Wonderful customer service, I purchased these on the 13th of March and received them today, 10 days later all the way over in Australia. Very happy customer!
Amy and Mikenzee
Love my daughter’s new Joey bag covers! She looks so stylish and less medical now and she really likes that! The covers are so soft and absorbent and I like the place for the ice pack. It really helps keep the formula cool in the summer!
North Carolina
This Pump Bag Cover has saved me from getting up at night to refill my son’s formula bag since I can put an ice pack in with it. What a great idea – thank you!
New Jersey
I wanted to once again thank you for these wonderful central line wraps. Our Evie is 9 months old and is on the move all the time. Before purchasing these wraps, we had to get her dressing changed every couple of days because it was pulling out. We have been alternating the three central line wraps we bought for over a week now and the line has stayed nice and snug under the dressing! Such a blessing! With how important it is to keep this site clean and intact, these wraps have definitely been the answer. Thanks again!
Erin and Everly
North Dakota
wearing gus gear
wearing gus gear
wearing gus gear
So glad we found these line covers for my son! Finally, no more worries about him getting his line tightly wrapped around his neck at night!!
These line covers are awesome at keeping all my daughter’s lines from getting tangled! They used to be such a jumbled mess all the time, but they aren’t any more, thanks to your covers. I love that I can pick exactly the length I want for them too!

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack
Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Review for Single Safe Strip 4-Pack

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Guys, I had been wanting for your very long and cumbersome solution ways to generate the right essay, but I discovered this text, I’ll depart it at this stage, it really is doable that it will probably be practical to everybody under the sun!

As i guess several folks created into dentists basically to continue to keep from getting pressured to have the ability to compose essays. Essays and looking into papers can invoke huge portions of psychological pressure and anxiety and panic. So can dentists. But no matter what classes you will be getting in highschool or college or university or college, that you are possible to have to write down down an essay ultimately. If you might be eager on or detest them, up coming these nine techniques can renovate your essays, lessen your stress, and maybe preserve you from a highly-priced dentist diploma.

one particular. Look at Usually the ESSAY Fast
Fairly probably by far the most crucial transfer in writing an essay or take a look at paper will likely be to wholly have an understanding of the essay problem. An essay has a tendency to be splendidly articulated and imagined out, but will carry on to result in a pretty lousy top quality if it would not adequately reply the prompt offered. Break up the prompt down into two parts.

What is the swift instantaneously inquiring?
What in the world is the essay matter?
What groundwork do I’d like to hold out to fully identify the topic?
Just how much time does the essay must be?
Just what exactly is the prompt indirectly inquiring?
Stands out because the prompt requesting my watch, the viewpoint of credible scholarly methods, or particulars?
How can i relate this essay make a difference to what we’ve got now shielded in class?
Immediately after these issues have already been entirely answered, you are capable to start off creating your essay.

two. Create a THESIS Assertion
Start your essay employing a thesis assertion which could guide your total paper. Based upon the prompt, what does 1 want to argue into your essay? Your thesis assertion truly should really be concise, but include things like the entire specifics you’d would like to handle inside your paper. Continually search for tips from your thesis assertion when writing your essay and make sure to don’t at any time stray from the specifics. An extremely fantastic thesis assertion may be the main variation amongst an A like a B.

3. MAKE A leading degree look at
Use an outline to technique out your essay/research paper previously writing it. Running away from your thesis assertion, plot out how you want your paper to motion and what element you have to comprise. This will likely make writing your entire draft of one’s respective paper a lot easier

4. Begin with The body, NOT THE INTRODUCTION
Truly will not start off when utilizing the introduction. The introduction is specifically exactly where some pupils wrestle in all probability quite possibly the most, so to forestall acquiring slowed down, kind the introduction later on. This will enable it to be probable for you to definitely undoubtedly thoroughly wide variety your inner thoughts and ideas and they are offered again once again and incorporate probably the most critical principles into your introduction.

5. Get going Each individual solitary PARAGRAPH Which incorporates a Issue SENTENCE
Begin each individual paragraph by utilizing a issue sentence, which expresses by far the most critical idea of the paragraph. Each individual paragraph must ideally include estimates or contextual suggestions to secure your issue sentence and thesis assertion.

Estimates and contextual tips are very important for developing believability and supporting your argument, so be certain which the quotations and details are coming from credible scholarly means. Illustrations of scholarly methods encompass instructional journals, peer-reviewed articles items, textbooks, publications by accredited authors, and NPR article content or weblog posts. Illustrations of unacceptable scholarly methods are journal experiences, open up up dialogue board submissions, encyclopedia entries, and unverified utilizing the internet assets. If you might be in search of for credible sources to test in just your essay, study out Google Scholar.

7. Hardly ever Bogus IT
Instructors aren’t dumb. They know the moment you actually never fully notice the essay matter and when you might be rambling to crank out it for your for a longer time time period. Definitely do not use fluff to bulk up your essay. Being an substitute, assure that every sentence supplies product to your accomplish. If it just isn’t completely important, slash it out. Most instructors would like to possess a extremely well-written essay that doesn’t definitely fulfill the dimension requirement compared to the normal paper that satisfies the requirement, but is eighty percent fluff.

Your summary should always start off by restating your thesis assertion. This is often normally your possibility to tie your complete particulars jointly and head out which has a bang. A extremely fantastic summary will deal with the basic principle arguments of each and every and each condition paragraph inside a really succinct way and comprehensively create your thesis assertion.

Inspecting is essential to composing an ideal essay. Some instructors will not likely even close finding out essays if they may be not grammatically appear or riddled with spelling blunders. Down below is usually a incredibly couple of indicates to generate your essay/research paper far more academically satisfactory and much better over-all.

Total submitting available on [url=
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Get out all conjunctions (will not be, tend not to, couldn’t, and so forth.). It is going to make your paper prolonged and it is also much more ideal for instructional writing.
Print out your paper, search by means of it, and mark it up. You absolutely will see increased glitches when searching by means of it in this particular method than within the laptop computer exhibit display.
Have associates or fathers and moms browse by means of it. A 2nd founded of eyes can seize any challenges you skipped.
Appear at it out loud. This may support with grammar complications. If it seems absolutely incorrect, it virtually absolutely is.
Essays and research papers may be described as a impediment for writers of all expertise phases, but these writing crucial details can make the course of action a bit easier and much easier likewise being a great amount less too much to handle.

Utilize your writing skill-sets to make use of for scholarships. Search at out our Scholarship Match to uncover scholarships that could be craft for you personally individually.

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